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Charlie Kerr



Charlie Kerr is President and Chief Executive Officer of Weston-Reid Protective Services LLC.  He possesses over 27 years of experience in the fields of law enforcement and security.  He has extensive experience conducting criminal and covert investigations, intelligence gathering, interviews and interrogations, and crime scene processing.  As a security specialist and security supervisor he is familiar with terrorist tactics and strategies, experienced working in high risk environments, conducting security assessments, and managing personal security details.

Mr. Kerr worked with the Fort Smith Police Department for over 16 years and during his tenure with the department served over eight years as a undercover vice and narcotics investigator.  He served as a member of the 12th Judicial Drug Taskforce and worked jointly on numerous federal investigations in conjunction with the DEA, FBI, Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security.    

In 2004 he was hired by a large US corporation as a Lead Security Supervisor for a Department of State facility, located in Baghdad, Iraq.  He was responsible for the safety of hundreds of employees working for the International Police Mission and supervised a multinational guard force of 450 security guards.    

In 2006 Mr. Kerr began working as a Law Enforcement Trainer and Advisor with the International Police Mission in Afghanistan, serving over eight years at multiple locations throughout Afghanistan and completing numerous police training and security related assignments.  His last assignment was working as a Fielded Police Mentor embedded with the US Army 101st Airborne in Kandahar, Afghanistan.     

Mr. Kerr possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Business Management form John Brown University and has a Associates degree in Law Enforcement.  He has completed over 2000 hours of law enforcement and security training that includes completing DEA’s Narcotics Enforcement Training, The Reid Method of Interviewing and Interrogation, and achieving a Department of Justice ICITAP Master Instructor certification. 

Mr. Kerr has the experience and knowledge that is desired for accomplishing the investigative needs or security concerns that people are sometimes faced with in today’s world.  Self-driven and tasked oriented Mr. Kerr and his staff have the desire to help you with your investigation needs or security concerns.